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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Joy Diet: Creativity

Note: I am so sorry about the sound quality of this week's video. I'm not sure what the trouble is but I will be working to resolve it by next week. Thank you for your patience and for letting me know. You can read transcripts of the video here.

In this week's video I talk about Creativity and start to cast forward into our upcoming week of Risk. But here I also wanted to ask you a question about Desire. After spending the week reading your posts about this ingredient, I noticed that many of you knew your desire but didn't name it in your posts and I wondered why. Did it feel tender? Private? Scary to share? What would it be like to proclaim your desire, to say out loud, "I want...."? What's going on in there? I'd love to hear.

And as you step forward into the week of risk, know that all of the energy of this circle is supporting you, that around the world Joy Dieters are getting brave and making a move, creating momentum and opportunity for their desires to take shape on the road to joy!


  1. As one of the people who didn't name my Desire, I wanted to respond to your question. I have a history of overstating my desires or over-specifying them. I want to be sure that I don't do that in a public forum. I tend to commit to things I have stated in a public forum because I have stated it and I have a hard time saying, "wait, that wasn't what I meant." Also, my biggest aha last week felt scary to admit.

    That said, I will take the risk here and admit it: I want my words to be famous. I want strangers to quote me as an example of wisdom.

  2. I had a fun week of creativity but it was one of the suggestions for getting unstuck that blew me away this week!

  3. Thanks Kate, for sharing your thoughs - and for taking a risk right here at the beginning of risk week!

    May your words be famous! May your wisdom reach people far and wide.

  4. Wow, having read all the posts up as far as me, I am encouraged, saddened, and laughing out loud! What a journey this is! The posts brought this chapter alive for me and I am enjoying the connection with many of you. I love the vision card exercise as well. Thanks Jamie.

  5. Jamie, your video was as comforting and encouraging as usual and I must say you are looking very elegant today. Funny to see you with warmer clothes each time as I had just been scanning our summer stuff.
    On a side note: I had problems with the volume today. I could only hear a few words and your lovely laugh on the laptop. I turned vimeo´s, the desk top pc´s and speakers to the max to be able to listen to you today. Maybe it´s only from my side but it is a first.

  6. I didn't name my desire because I wasn't 100% clear about what my desire is. I'm coming closer to realizing what my purpose is and to naming it. I know that I am a documentarian. I am a humanitarian. I am a communicator. I want to share my experiences in life in order to help others. So I'm putting all those pebbles together to be able to say "this is it"...but I'm also realizing that it might be more than one "it". And that's good too.

    As for creativity -- I have to disagree with a lot of what Martha Beck says about this. Some of just doesn't work for me. If it works for others that's good...I like that we have choices in what she offers. I pick through and choose what I know feels right for me and works for me. I've done a lot of soul work over the last few years as I've worked through breast cancer and have come out the other side. So maybe I'm really in fact, beyond what this book offers, but I continue to look and seek because I am also abouto "what else is there to know".

  7. My "dessert" for this week of The Joy Diet was: Decision. I had the revelation that the power of decision is the power of elimination! I tend to fall into a loop of trying to do everything ... And becoming discouraged when "everything" fails to be accomplished. Read: I cannot do everything at once. And that is okay! :-)

  8. From reading so many of the comments that have already been left on the blogs, I'm seeing a common theme here -- this book is just not working for many of us. I think that's not only interesting, it's a good thing. Maybe we don't need someone else to tell us how to find joy in our lives...maybe we've already had it and just didn't know what to name it. With so many packing in the book (and wrecking it to suit themselves which I love), I think that has been an excellent exercise and it's been wonderful to hear so many others' opinions on how they have found this experience.

  9. I did not name desire, because it's too private and too much. To explain it all, I could really fill a whole blog.
    And I agree with Sherry, I have never never read so many doubtful comments before. We all seem (or most of us) to have the same problems:
    It's too much.
    It goes to fast.
    some things in the book do not work or are described easy, but they are not.
    Some points really lead to discussions,e.g. the risk theme. She mentions you should walk in an unsafe area. Well this is total irresponsable! There are so many dangers for women!
    Or the illigal thing. What the heck should I do with writing down: "OH I can get creative when I consume drugs"?
    And last not least the enemy thing. I don't see what the point is.
    But all in all there are some interesting points in it. And I am sad to see that there are some of us leaving now. How do you deal with it? Maybe it's time to discuss, if we all want to make this a little bit more slowly. Because it really is full of stuff and I feel, you need at least an hour a day to get through all the points.

  10. I was feeling bad for not posting last week, as I was in the midst of a real slump. Maybe it was a crisis, as a result of doing some of the work for participating in the book. Not sure. Anyway, it is interesting to see some negative comments about the book from some of the participants. My challenge wasn't with the book itself, but with myself and how I often start projects with great enthusiasm and resolve, and then seem to lose my commitment somewhere along the way. Anyway, I talk about what my pattern is, which was illustrated so vividly to me these past couple of weeks. If nothing else, I am learning more about me, and hopefully a way to change these habitual patterns.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    There's such a strong reaction this week, that I've added an additional post. I hope it will bring some relief and inspiration.

  12. All four chapters have really come togehter for me. I am still working on desire and merging it with creativity. I really related to the truth that creativity is hard especially now as I manage yet another set of book edits. I had some breakthroughs on some blocks in my life and feel freed up. This process has also been good for my meditation and yoga practice. Today I am celebrating the Hindu festival of light - Divali with my friends. I really feel the deep joy and light from having come to terms with some of my blocks.

  13. I also have some mixed feelings - but am enjoying the book! & enjoying participating in the journey & reading others' comments, which often reflect my own experiences!

    blessings, joy, light!

  14. I almost skipped this chapter because being creative has never been a challenge for me. However, when I started to read and realized I had to link my DESIRES to my CREATIVITY, I nearly jumped out of my skin.
    Read my blog post to find out why.

  15. I'm so relieved to know I am not alone in my struggle with this book. I am trying to make it work because, even though I am behind and I am not certain this is working for me, week after week, I find a gem. I keep finding something that makes me think it will all come together for me eventually.

    Thank you for all your comments - I am off to read more in your blogs!

  16. I added another post - a Continued post on Creativity. :)

  17. Yes the journey is tuff but also rewarding for me, I have really tried to challenge myself with this book, finding some reall needed answers for me, pushing the envelope a little at a time, even if it doesn't bring me to where I think I want to go, it will still open new doors for me and I am grateful for that.

  18. Hi, I am one of those who didn't name her big desire, simply because it's at a stage I need to nurture and protect it. I find that when I put important things "out there" many people will voice their opinion. I tend to pay too much attention to that and then my desire becomes muddled on what everyone else is thinking about it. So, I am keeping it private until it is strong! And then it will show itself anyway...

    It's interesting to hear other's opinions about this book. I tend to pick and choose when I read books like this. Am I doing ALL the exercises? No. That would keep me from ever finishing the book. However, in each chapter I find a few pearls of wisdom that I gladly mull around in my mind and see where it leads me. Already I've been changed by this interaction here and I love it!

    Thank you!! :) Silke

  19. I will admit that I am not a big fan of Martha Beck's writing (having tried reading Finding Your North Star) and had more hopes that this book would be better. However, I think there is some real gems in what she has shared in her chapters. I plan to at least give the next chapter a try.

    I didn't name my desire either because the same reasons Silke did...I have a lot of people who watch and observe closely what I do and at this time, it is not a "safe" thing to announce it to the world. But I think beyond stating what our desires are is the important fact of how we are moving toward them through Beck's process. That is what I am focusing on.


  20. I think a book is worth it even if it gives me just one new idea or way of looking at things or challenge. And I have gotten a whole lot more than one from this book. Like all the books I read I try things and bring what works into my life and let go of what doesn't.

    I notice a lot of the problems arose in the past two chapters as we try to use creativity and risk to make our desires real. And this can be scary.

    But, I'm looking forward to treats and laughter and feasts. I'd had to quit before I got to the really fun stuff.

  21. I began running into difficulties with the chapter on Desire. I had a battle going on between my practice of faith/spirituality and desire and Martha's defense of it was, I felt, lame. Perhaps I was in a jam over semantics but I just don't feel comfortable desiring a whole lot at this point in my life. Or to even be tempted to desire. I am still working on the creativity chapter, but Jamie I cannot hear your video at all on my laptop. Have the volume turned all the way up and no go. Thanks for the words of support and encouragement ~ I see that I'm not alone in feeling that these last few chapters are like an upset fruit basket!

  22. This was my favorite chapter so far, and to think I almost skipped it "since I'm already creative", really glad I read it. This book is really challenging and I'm getting a lot out of it and can't wait to read the rest.

  23. I've also not identified my desires specifically because they are still little snowballs. Not pebbles so much, because as I see them, they are little lumps of something, clay, snow that will gradually roll together to become something. I know that I want to get into the city more to look at exhibits, museums, supply stores, to explore what's out there. I know I want to go to Italy at some time in my life - to smell the country, taste the food, drink in the art, feel the sun, absorb the sounds. I know I want to make a difference in my surroundings, by using well the gifts that I've been given. So much is tied up with my art - and perhaps I desire time; it feels increasingly precious and I'm still figuring out where I need to go that is true.

    Am behind on my postings. So enjoying the group energy and insights that are shared.


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