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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Joy Diet: Creativity Transcripts

The Joy Diet: Creativity
Transcripts from our weekly video

Hey, everybody. Welcome to another week of The Next Chapter and our Joy Diet journey. I’m your host, Jamie Ridler. I’m really excited to be here with you today, and I’m wondering, how was your week with Creativity? What was it like for you to bring your creativity to your desire, to add that as an ingredient in this beautiful concoction of joy we’re creating? I know so many of you are wildly creative with your words, with your paint, with the way you are in the world. And I’m wondering what it was like to bring that creativity to your dreams and start imagining how… how… how could I…? How could I….? What was it like?

Martha gave some great suggestions about how to stretch your brain and how to start to think outside of your own limiting beliefs or the way that you tend to think about things. Because that’s what creativity is, right? It’s stretching beyond and creating something brand new.

And it’s funny because I was actually talking to a client this week about exactly that, that when we want something new, how we have to create new ways of doing things, create new behaviours, create new thoughts and new perspectives. Have you heard that saying – when you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

And so we have this tendency to want something new but we want to take the approach that we’ve always taken to it because that’s where we feel comfortable, that’s what we’re used to. But that road didn’t lead where we wanted to go. We want to go over there, so now it’s a new road and a new perspective and a new approach and a new you and new possibilities. And that can hold a lot of stuff in it.

I know Martha talks about some of the struggle and the challenges and sometimes it doesn’t work out because you’re trying something new. For me, I try to hold that really lightly and playfully, like this is an experiment. And it’s also one of the reasons why I insist on trying to make each step itself fun, so that even if it didn’t work out, at least I had a good time exploring it, you know? At least it was fun to try that colour, even though, yeah, no, that didn’t work. And that is, again, that is a part of the adventure.

So, I’m wondering what it was like for you. And also, if you did get stuck, I know she gives you all these steps of things you can do to try to expand, and then she says, you know, if you still got stuck or you still want to go farther, one of the things you can do is draw on your friends and loved ones and colleagues.

And so, I invite you to do that with this group. If you want even more brainstorming ideas or more suggestions of “How could I do this?” include that in your post this week. “How can I start a successful Etsy shop? What do you think?” “How can I travel to France?” “How can I get my novel published?” Put it out there and let all of us share our creativity and see if we can come up with some wild and woolly and playful and helpful suggestions. What do you think?

And you know, this is all leading—I keep seeing how this is leading up to something, right? Next week, we’re going to be reading about Risk and so we’ll start to get into action on some of the things that have come up in our creative process.

For now, share what Creativity was like for you. Share what it was like to actually start to use those delicious creative skills on the realization of your desire. And if you’d like it, ask for some input on how, how can I do this, because we want you to get there. I want you to get there. I love the idea that we’re all working towards the fulfillment of our desires. That’s really exciting and beautiful, and I’m so glad we’re doing it together.

So, I hope Creativity was a great week. I hope you’re ready for Risk. I know that you’re courageous. And I know that Risk will be amazing.

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