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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Next Chapter: The Joy Diet

Our next book is The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life by Martha Beck
Start date: Friday, September 18th.

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Welcome to fourth session of The Next Chapter book blogging group, a creative satellite of Jamie Ridler Studios. I hope you'll join us on the journey!

About The Next Chapter

The concept behind a book-blogging group is that a community of bloggers work their way through a book together, sharing their experiences by posting on their own blog and by reading what other participants are sharing. You can choose to share as much or as little as you like. You can join at any time. This blog will be our home base and will host the blog roll of participants. I will be sharing my own personal explorations through the book on my site, Jamie Ridler Studios.

If you have any questions at all, you can email me at jamie(at)openthedoor(dot)ca. You can also check out this FAQ for the book club.

About Our Fourth Book: The Joy Diet by Martha Beck

From the inside cover: "Welcome to The Joy Diet, a menu of ten behaviours you can add to your way of living and thinking to enhance every day's journey through the unpredictable terrain of your existence. You can add these behaviours gradually and watch your life become steadily more vivid and satisfying. Or you can go on a "crash Joy Diet" to help you navigate life's emergencies."

Over the course of our journey we will spend a week each with:
  • Nothing
  • Truth
  • Desire
  • Creativity
  • Risk
  • Treats
  • Play
  • Laughter
  • Connection
  • Feasting
How delicious is that!

To Join In:
  • Simply sign up in the form above.
  • You will need a copy of the book. You can purchase it here in Canada and here in the US.
  • You will need a blog. If you don't have one yet, you can set one up quickly and for free on Blogger.
  • Start: Friday September 18
  • Finish: Friday November 27

Sometimes at the beginning there's a bit of confusion about what to post when. Click here for a simple schedule.


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Here's to a diet like we've never experienced before!
Here's to a joy-filled year!


  1. Looks like a great book that explores theme we creatives can all use. I look forward to it!

  2. Such a long time til the next start. :( But never mind, in the meantime I'm happy with "The 12 secrets...."...

  3. Hi Jaime and The Joy Diet book blogging group members. I am excited about the Joy Diet. I love Martha Beck's column in O Magazine. She is filled with so much food for thought. Thanks Jaime for doing these sessions. They really are a huge source of support. BTW I am still working on WTJ. What an amazing journey. It really taught me to let go of my need to always be on top of things. I allowed myself to wreck my perfection DNA.

  4. I already ordered the book! I bought WTJ and hours later discovered I had a personal "wreck" that required my immediate attention. As such, my journal-wrecking became an intensely personal endeavor. I look forward to sharing *this* journey with everyone.

  5. I don't dare order yet because I want to experience the book with the group and it sounds too delicious to just sit and wait for Sept18.

    BTW if you ever want a theme song for The Next Chapter .... I vote for the Kris Delmhorst song Everything is Music that you used on your WTJ finale. I think that Rumi would be delighted to hear that song!

  6. *wiggling on chair, waiting for September*

  7. orderd two copies, will share again.. Thanks Jamie. you are a Wonder!!

  8. OOh, timing just right while I finish all these other creative projects I've started since we began wrecking! Something nice to get our teeth stuck into - but presumably not 'literally' this time!

  9. This is really cool! I do have a lot going on, but this doesn't start for another month so maybe I can try it and give it a headstart...

    How do you think of all these wonderful things?

  10. @ananda - I knew I recognized that name! Of course, Martha Beck is from O Magazine...

  11. Looks like I am in. I just ordered my copy.

  12. I am definitely joining in on this one! I was so excited to see this book. I happen to own it :))

  13. Oh this is wonderful Jamie!! Can't wait to start!! :)

  14. I have succumbed to TNC because i liked the first week of doing nothing...:-)

  15. Oh I loved this book! I read it two years ago (maybe 3?) while I was in the midst of breast cancer treatment and I loved, loved, loved it...what a great choice Jamie!

  16. This looks like it is going to dovetail perfectly with a lot of things I'm thinking and feeling right now. Count me in! And, as always, thank you for putting this out there. :)

  17. Am seriously considering it and have ordered the book a month ago. First book lost in mail! Wondered if that was a sign? LOL. Am waiting for 2nd copy now. Question is timing and my schedule. Am hoping it will fit in nicely. If I like the book (probably will - it sounds great!), I will be in!

  18. I received the book - this time in 2 days!!! I am in! Just signed up. As soon as I saw the book, I loved it and just knew it would be a help to me. Looking forward to starting the group now.

  19. oh I would love to have joined in with this, but I tried to order the book from my bookstore and it would not have arrived for 6 weeks, into October..then from Amazon, same thing unless I paid a ridiculous postage to get it here sooner.. so I started the Artists way and now it seems have quite a few women journeying along with me..
    I really look forward to the next chapter Jamie.. I cannot wait to see what that is!

  20. Looking forward to it! This will be my 3rd book club with Jamie & it's been a blast!

  21. So has anyone started reading the first chapter yet. Oh Please I need some help - I just cannot do "nothing" I am trying and trying but my brain is very hard to stop and always full of ideas and lists and plans and things to do. Nothing so far has worked - not the ticker tape, not the waterfalls - I last about 2 seconds and then off goes the brain. HELP

  22. Hi Cathy, did you try the 'mindless, repetitive activity'? I find when my mind is super busy, going for a walk helps a great deal.

    Don't worry about getting it right, Cathy. Treat it like an experiment. Just give yourself the 15 minutes of nothing a day and see what happens. Just observe. I wonder if Day 7 will be different than Day 1.


I'm so glad we're sharing the Joy Journey! Here's to amping up our joy!