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Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Schedule

Sept 18: Welcome & start your week of Nothing

Sept 25: Post about nothing & start your week of Truth

Oct 2: post about Truth & start your week of Desire

Oct 9: post about Desire & start your week of Creativity

Oct 16: post about Creativity & start your week of Risk

Oct 23: post about Risk & start your week of Treats

Oct 30: post about Treats & start your week of Play (how cool is it Treats is almost on Halloween!)

Nov 6: post about Play & start your week of Laughter

Nov 13: post about Laughter & start your week of Connection

Nov 20: post about Connection & Start your week of Feasting

Nov 27: post about feasting & celebrate!


  1. Since I missed the Wrecking call I did some snooping and found this site! (sometimes my husband calls me snoopy:))

    Sign me up! I will be blogging at
    Thanks Jamie for your continuous inspiration!
    Love you, Melba

  2. i signed up.. wouldnt miss the opportunity to be involved with y'all again

  3. Thanks for the schedule! I like seeing how it all plans out!

  4. I am organized this time -- I wrote it down (because I completely lose my mind when school starts, hee)!

  5. I'm so excited! I've been meaning to re-read this book and this is the perfect excuse!

  6. Oh boy! I have this book and it will be great to work through it with "the group"

  7. I am loving the schedule too--now I can write it in my dayplanner and make sure I NEVER miss it! I so look forward to this--thank you.

  8. it's almost here... i cannot wait to get started. i enjoyed admiring all you wonderful bloggers work through 'wrecking. i'm happy to join in this time!

  9. I just found out about this group through Kathy of the Soul Reader. I'm excited to join everyone! In addition to learning wonderful things and meeting a great group of women, this group will get me blogging and writing again!!

  10. I just bought the book. I want to do it with you all! I saw a tweet by ArtVisions on Twitter. I will add your blog link to my blog, so I remember to check in!! :-)

  11. Jamies, I need some clarity please.

    Are we to report in each Friday about how our week went? And is it best to post about our Joy Diet on that same Friday? Does it matter if it is Saturday? I tried find specific instructions like this but, alas, didn't. Sorry to be so picky but I need specific instructions or my inner perfectionist gets nervous.


    Liz Fulcher


I'm so glad we're sharing the Joy Journey! Here's to amping up our joy!