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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Joy Diet: Play

Can you believe that we're in the last month of this journey? In just 3 weeks, we'll be wrapping up with feasting! Now, it's become a bit of a Next Chapter tradition to wind up with a celebratory call, a time we can get together and share, voice-to-voice, what the experience has been like. This time, I'm imagining us each bringing our own uniquely flavoured dish to The Joy Buffet!

Celebrate Feasting at The Joy Buffet

Date: Friday, November 27th
Time: 2:00 EST
Where: Conference Call - I'll be sending out an invitation with the details over the coming weeks. The conference call will be an American number.

I will also record the call for those of you who can't make it. If you've never attended a conference call and are curious what it would be like, you can listen in to The Wrecking Ball Call from the last session of The Joy Diet here.

Enjoy filling your week with Laughter!


  1. I feel a bit like you in response to your vlog - I have so much I want to say I don't think I can consolidate it. How about - YES!!! and "Thank you"

  2. Oh goodie, a conference call to connect with all of the other Joy Dieters. I can't wait! I'll be there.

  3. I just stole a moment to watch your video. You really hit it Jamie! It is about being ourselves and living our life's purpose in all that we do, not just for the "job." I believe when we bring ourselves and life purpose to our jobs we open up and new opportunities come to us. We attract what we are! Great post and I look forward to the next week. I love to laugh and it is already part of my daily diet...I'm curious to read what Beck has to say about it. Have a lovely week!

  4. I really like the video. I don't think that enough of us really live as if we are true to ourselves. Thank you for doing this blog. It really makes me think!

  5. I loved this chapter! It is absolutely true - it's one of those concepts that you want to pass on to everyone you know - I love how clearly she gets to it. At least I can get my friends and family to watch your video - which may be enough.

    Thank you, Jamie!

  6. I am totally digging the blessing you gave us in the video. It was right on time. I am still reading the play chapter. I am also exploring my defintion of play which is BOLD.

    B stands for BE who you are.

    O stands for OWN who you are.

    L stands for LOVE who you are.

    D stands for DECIDE to do these things every day!

    I am also using the Art Every Day Month annual challenge to incorporate more play and groundness in my life.

  7. Dear fellow 3oy dieters, this weekend I won't be posting a blog but I wanted to share briefly how much I enjoyed this chapter! ;) It encouraged me to bring more play into my current life project and helped me to lighten up a bit, where I can tend to be too 'organized, and structured in process' it is exactly about what Jamie said 'finding out who we are' and being willing to shed those layers(barriers) that keep us from embracing that light of luv and truth! So that's where I'm at and enjoying this larger process of many small loving steps! *cheers* and best wishes on your joy journey! ~Sharmila

  8. Oh shoot! Not sure I can be on the call. My family is coming for the Cowboy game which is on Thanksgiving. We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday at my house...I'll have to play it by ear.


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